Failed NASCAR Driver Says He Will QUIT Post 2020 Season After The Banning Of The Confederate Flag From Races

Yesterday, I blogged about Bubba Wallace's call for the confederate flag to be banned from NASCAR events. In it, I strongly condemned the idea of bringing the confederate flag to any sporting event (big of me). Just an hour later, NASCAR announced they were banning confederate flags at their events from this point moving forward.

Am I saying that I was the one that spurred the change? Of course not...but I may have had a big part in it. 

All you have to do is go into the replies of that NASCAR tweet or on Facebook to see how mad some of the boomer NASCAR fans are about this. Just a reminder to those folks that NASCAR is a private business that can do what it likes. If you don't like it then you don't have to watch. 

For the most part, it appears NASCAR drivers stand with their fellow driver Bubba Wallace. However, there is one (failed) NASCAR driver who has given up on NASCAR all together:

You've probably never heard of Ray Ciccarelli thanks to him being an absolute nobody:

Nothing says ending your failure of a NASCAR career like your wife writing a post for you on Facebook and then signing it with her name. 


P.s. Ray Ciccarelli looks exactly how you thought he would look:

P.s.s. This was funny.