More Evidence That The Edmonton Oilers Are In BIG Trouble When The Playoffs Start

The Blackhawks put out this series of photos yesterday. A bunch of the boys getting back on the ice for the first time since the Hawks beat the Sharks on March 11th. 

"First time back on the ice" to which I say...

No fucking chance Kane and the guys who stayed local haven't been skating and working out together. I would say that there's been workouts and skates in the city for a while now. I am sure they took proper precautions, but there is simply NO chance that Kane didn't have access to ice. There are two reasons why I know this...

1) He is still alive. If Patrick Kane can't play hockey, he dies. Facts

2) Look at his sticks

That bottom blade has been getting work. Looks like he has been tossing sauce to Debrincat over at Johnnies. And if those two were there, you can guarantee that Toews was there. I'd assume that if Toews is there then a guy like Connor Murphy who is as conscientious as they come was there too. Strome goes anywhere Debrincat goes. That's a pretty good workout group. 

The Oilers are -150 favorites. Prepare yourselves to get rich because the Hawks have been preparing for the playoffs for a month straight.