Wake Up With An Epic Duel Between LeBron And Luka

One of the fun parts about the NBA is that on any given night there's a good chance you're going to witness history. Well that was certainly the case when LeBron and Luka faced each other in early November. Why was this game historic? Well, it was the first time in NBA history that opposing players each dropped a 30-PT, 15-AST triple-double in the same game. LeBron became the oldest player ever when he threw up 30/10/15 and Luka became the youngest player to ever throw up 31/13/15. Who knows maybe somehow this could end up being a playoff series. 

Mavs fans probably remember this game as the time Dwight Howard clearly grabbed Seth Curry's jersey in the final seconds of regulation which allowed Danny Green to be open in the corner for a split second for a game tying three. That was some bullshit, especially at home. But that doesn't take away from the epic duel we saw between LeBron and Luka. A game like this pretty much set the tone for what we could expect to see the rest of the season, and it was clear both of those dudes were just getting started.