#TBT To The Time Frank The Tank Followed Through On A Bet And Ate A Piece Of Paper

So yesterday our Orioles guy RDT made this proclamation before the 2020 MLB Draft:

Obviously the O's had other plans as they drafted Heston Kjerstad with the number 2 pick. I am sure RDT will follow through with his penance since he is a man of integrity like Frank The Tank who literally ate his words and washed them down with the finest homemade Soda Stream cola on the market years before he became a viral sensation and internet star due to the INCOMPETENCE of New Jersey Transit. Say what you want about Frank's constant pessimism as a fan and occasional outlandish takes. But the dude knew how to honor a bet long before he knew how to change the title of his YouTube videos and had the bright lights of Barstool shining upon him.

The ball of paper is in your court, RDT. I know you will do the right thing.