Bob Nightengale On His Way To The Ratio Hall Of Fame With An Outrageously Bad Tweet About The Cubs Drafting Ed Howard

It is 11pm central standard time and this tweet is still up. It's been three hours and Bob Nightengale has decided that he SHANT be deleting it. Just in case he has a change of heart overnight, here is a screen shot to give you a taste of some of the responses 

Bob Nightengale would like to commend the Cubs for instituting their progressive draft strategy that he thinks is akin to affirmative action. Bob seems to think that this draft pick was about Ed Howard's skin.

Let's check in with another noted MLB writer to see if this is the case

Oh…the Cubs drafted him because he is awesome and because they're trying to win baseball games. Ed Howard has been working towards this moment his entire life. He earned it. To suggest that the Cubs drafted him for any reason besides what he can do on the field is insulting and diminishes his talent and character. FUCK Bob for this tweet. That's what I really want to say.

We, in Chicago, get to fall in love with Howard instantly because we remember him from JRW as a little kid in the the LLWS in like 2013(Big Cat still can't whistle) and he's a local kid. 

Theo doesn't give a fuck about that. He doesn't care where you're from or what HS you went to or what color your skin is. It's play or can't play and he drafted Howard because he can flat out play ball. 

All reports are that he's also a great kid in addition to being a big time ball player. That's why you draft someone in the first round. 

Also, I don't know if Nightengale meant "hallow" or "hollow". I feel like he meant hollow, but it could've been like "holy/saintly words" without any action. My guess is that anyone stupid enough to have this thought in the first place also fucked up the words. 

Anyways, it's beyond my bedtime. Bob Nightengale is a moron with some splanin' to do in the morning. Ed Howard is a stud prospect, good night.