Wake Up With The 100 Best Plays In College Basketball From The Last Decade

Fuck, I miss college hoops but this will do the trick today. Obviously whenever you slap 'best' and rankings to shit there's going to be arguments and what you value. All I know is that Diakite play should be higher. That's still one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen from the perfect missed FT to the fact that Clark knew to make the pass and have time to the finish by Diakite. They actually ran a play for him at the buzzer of the 1h on a similar length shot and turn and he missed it. Somehow that just plays even more into this. Don't care to see Derek Willis leave Luke Maye. Don't care about that one bit. Doesn't make up for Aaron Harrison being in the top-10 twice. Also I do wonder if Marcus Paige has the best shot that ended up meaning nothing. Like is that best forgotten play of all time across sports? 

Either way, 33 minutes to get your morning going. You're sitting at home, pretending to work. Slap it on, we're getting a season this year and we're going to embrace every goddamn second of it.