Wake Up With Sammy Sosa Blasting His 62nd Homer Of The Season

First round of the MLB Draft last night and we get the Big Mac and Sammy documentary on Sunday? Inject it straight into my veins. The Starting 9 guys talked with the director of the doc this week and man it got me jazzed up, just look at the crowd after Sosa hits 62 in 1998. LOOK AT THE PEOPLE STAMPEADING DOWN THE STREET TO GET HIS BALL. I mean the crowd looks like a concert, what an atmosphere. Baseball was the best back then, like Jared said, they would cut into games just to show McGwire or Sosa's at-bats. It was awesome. Love that it was a homer that left the stadium to pass Roger Maris' 61 too. If you were too young or just don't remember the 98 Home Run Chase, buckle up. Sunday night is going to be incredible. 

PS. I'm a big fan of what Carl is speaking on. Cubs need to bring back Sammy. Just do it already.