Rob Manfred: "We Will Play Major League Baseball This Year"

Karl Ravech just did an interview with that clown Rob Manfred and did not pull any punches. Fucking Ravey, I love that guy. He's just as frustrated as we are with no baseball going on. They've got him calling Korean baseball at 4am because these assholes are too greedy to make a deal. Ravech basically went right at the commish asking him why he won't pay the players their full pro-rata salary and get baseball rolling. What was Manfred's response to Ravech pressuring him on live TV? The coward got uncomfortable and said he wouldn't get into bargaining right now. What a loser.

What Manfred did say was that there will 100% be baseball played in the year 2020. Manfred has shown me nothing in the past to take his word on anything, but that seems to mean at worst he's going to exercise his right to initiate the 48 game season that everyone agreed to in March. If it were up to him there would  be a 1 game season and anyone who wins goes to the postseason. He probably gets off just dreaming of that. Dude hates baseball and just wants his money to count. 

Again 48 games blows when you think about everything that was passed up, but at least it's something. I have hope they'll end up somewhere between 70 and 82 with 90%-100% pro rata agreed, but that's just my gut. 

Manfred did say the owners would be submitting another proposal to the players which would be a "significant move in the players' direction." I call bullshit on that. Significant up until this point has meant absolute dick to everyone else. Also how about both sides saying there would be no more proposals yet we keep getting them? Every day there's something new. How about the owners just say yes and cut the shit? Just give the players their full pro rated salaries and let's play 75-82 games and have a season. It's not hard. Give in and let's go. I want to watch Gerrit Cole already.