Rob Parker Called Steph Curry A "High Paid Harlem Globetrotter" And Also Gave One Of The Worst Hot Takes I've Ever Heard

You'll never believe this but a known hot take artist who loves to say outrageous shit did just that. Also water is wet. But this stance by Rob Parker when it comes to who is the greatest shooter of all time is rather outrageous and that's saying something, even for him. 

You see, to him, the greatest shooter of all time is Ray Allen. That's not all that crazy on its own, I mean I love Ray. We've squashed our beef and there's no denying his sweet stroke is one of the best the league has ever seen. Well him and Chris Broussard went back and forth about this topic and this part made me laugh

Parker: “It’s real simple -- Ray Allen has made more threes, and has made more clutch threes. That’s what it comes down to. Steph can make all the regular season threes he wants -- he doesn’t make the big shots. He’s more like a high-paid Harlem Globetrotter making trick shots.

I mean christ, be more disrespectful. You can't. Now it's true, Ray has made more threes than Steph. Currently the number is 2,973 to 2,495. Ray is first all time, Curry third. What Rob Parker seems to ignore in this logic is the fact that Ray also played 1,300 games compared to 699 for Steph. Something tells me Curry is going to make 479 more threes in his career to become the all time leader. He'll probably have that within two healthy seasons. For example he made 354 last year and that was WITH Kevin Durant on the roster. 

There's also a problem with his point that Steph can make all the regular season threes he wants. He seems to forget that Steph Curry is also the postseason leader in 3PM with 470. Ray Allen? He's second with 385. If you want to trim that down to just NBA Finals, Steph is also the NBA career leader with 121. Ray comes in 6th at 55. It's also not true that Steph doesn't make clutch shots in the playoffs. The evidence is everywhere



Damn, don't you hate how the internet exists and there's actual evidence that makes you look dumb?

This isn't to say Steph is perfect in the playoffs. But unfortunately for Rob Parker I remember Ray's 2012 playoffs. Also some no shows in 2010. So even if he wants to use Steph's playoff eggs against him, Ray has those skeletons too. 

But it gets better. This was my favorite part of their whole interaction

Parker: "Kevin Durant took his team like his lunch money. He came to Golden State, took his MVPs. Even (Andre) Iguodala has a Finals MVP and Steph has nothing. He's holding a myth. He's a mirage. He's not real. Real guys win MVPs when it matters. He can't be the greatest shooter because he's never won a Finals MVP."

He can't be the greatest shooter because he's never won a Finals MVP. Remember, Parker's stance is that Ray is the greatest shooter ever. Quick question, how many Finals MVPs does Ray Allen have? Zero? Well shit. That seems like an issue for yet another reason Rob Parker is trying to use here. Sort of makes you think he's full of shit no? 

Whether it's total 3PM, or career 3P%, when it's all said and done Ray Allen will not have anything production wise that trumps what Steph does as a shooter. He'll have that famous Heat three that saved their season sure, but that one shot does not make someone the greatest shooter of all time.

Stuff like this does