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Let's Just Go Ahead And Add Heather Graham To The Fifty And Fine Club

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog about Carol Alt and how incredible she looks at the age of 59. 

(Just seeing that picture again... I mean, damn.) 

I was so stunned, I decided to venture out to find other women who were also taking their 50s by storm. It didn't take long and it soon became clear the 50s aren't what they used to be: J-Lo, Jennifer Aniston, and Elizabeth Hurley - all in their 50s, all insanely hot. 

Well, today I stumbled upon Heather Graham and I feel it's my responsibility to add her to the Fifty and Fine Club.

Welcome to the club, Heather! 50 looks damn fine on you. 

It's hard to believe this was filmed over TWENTY years ago.