South Carolina High School Forgets to Turn Off Sprinkler Timer for Graduation

The hits just keep coming for these kids who were unlucky enough to be seniors in 2020. First, you think you won't be able to have a graduation at all. But then, things clear up a little bit and you find out you will be able to have one, but outside in the June heat.

And then, if you're graduating from Ashley Ridge High School in Summerville, South Carolina, you get doused with sprinklers that somebody forgot to turn off when this graduation was re-scheduled.

Honestly, this was maybe the best case scenario for a June outdoor graduation in South Carolina, seeing as it was 94 degrees in Summerville today. That was probably the best moment of the whole thing for those kids. Nobody wants to be outside in June in a cap and gown listening to names of people you hated for four years just to walk across the stage for 10 seconds.

My sister's graduation is outside next week and they will serve ice water in Hell before my ass will be cooking in the Tennessee summer heat for a high school graduation. Call me when you graduate from college and I'll get you a nice gift and sit through hundreds of names of people I don't know being called. You don't get anything for obeying the law and going to high school.