Ronnie Coleman Explains To Joe Rogan The Only Reason He Started Body Building Was To Get A Free Gym Membership

If you don't know who Ronnie Coleman is, I highly suggest watching the documentary "Ronnie Coleman The King" on Netflix. He's arguably the most famous, accomplished, body builder of all time behind Arnold Schwarzenegger. His career included eight Mr. Olympia titles and twenty-six IFBB titles along with a host of others achievements that you can read about here. Whenever I decide to drop down and struggle through my daily 50 pushups, he's the guy I look to for motivation. His catch phrase is "light weight", which he would routinely say before lifting hundreds upon hundred of pounds as a way to pump himself up...

I've heard the story that he only starting lifting for the free membership before, but to hear it in his own words (10:12), explained to a guy like Rogan is wild. What's equally as wild is hearing him talk about his diet and workout routine. Before Mr. Olympia he would prepare his body for 10-12 weeks by working out (duh) and eating six meals per day consisting of one pound of chicken and a half a cup of rice each time. He would wake up in the middle of the night just to eat. Three percent body fat was fat for him. Think about that...three percent! 

His routine ultimately destroyed his body to the point where he is essentially crippled, but it's still wild to hear. He talks about the toll lifting took on his body here: 

Check out the whole interview if you have the time. Ronnie Coleman- a living legend. Lightweight!