Hail to the Volunteers: Tennessee, Coach Duggs, Complete Big Comeback Over Michigan After Wolverines Miss Last-Second Field Goal

BOOM! And just like that, Coach Gus Duggerton and the Tennessee Volunteers are back in the win column after a thriller in Knoxville on Wednesday afternoon.

Once down 17-0 approaching the halftime break, it was the No. 9 Volunteers who upset No. 4 Michigan 21-20, after Michigan's kicker didn't have enough leg on a potential game-winning 56-yard field goal.

But it's important to note that for the majority of this game, Coach Duggs was chasing. The beginning of this game was an ugly, ugly start, to state the least.

However, things started to turn for the better right before the teams headed into the locker room, to give Duggs at least some sort of life.

The momentum kept on shifting in Duggs' direction as the second half rolled along, as we saw America's Coach go to his desperate "score-stop-score" mentality.

After some shifting in the depth chart before the game, we got to see our first true look at new RB Jazz Owens. And man, did he deliver.

Michigan then did just enough to get on the fringe of field goal range with four seconds left, leaving it up to their kicker to try to crush Duggs' hopes once again. As you saw at the top, it didn't pay off.

Since this is another Duggleheader, we are still LIVE on the PMT Twitch Channel right now. It's currently 7-0 Vols entering the second quarter.