Ranking The Most Likely Candidates To Be Blocked First By Big Ben Again

We got some rare positive (?) news on Twitter on Wednesday. 

Mike Florio of PFT reported that Big Ben's twitter account is apparently ending it's famed block party. It's long been known that basically everyone, including myself, has been or currently is blocked by the @_BigBen7 account. 

Now if you somehow haven't figured this out by now, Roethlisberger doesn't actually run the account himself. One of his managers of his fan site runs it and sends out messages from Ben himself on there so it's not like 7 is actively sitting there scrolling through his phone and smashing that block button on everyone (most people) who bash him online. 

But when one block party ends, another one inevitably will begin so here's who I think will be most likely to get the red X next:

1. PFT Commenter

  • Right now I envision PFT is the Spice Adams meme peaking around the Twitter tree seeing that he finally can check out the latest from Ben's feed. 

  • He's rubbing those magical tweeting hands together just waiting for the opportunity to make a joke about not properly obeying the rules or dropping the famous "fedora" hat pic from one of his press conferences. Not a chance he lasts more than a day without being blocked. 

2. Big Cat

  • I was going to put the PMT boys tied for first, but at the end of the day I figured Big Cat would hit Big Ben with something a little less touchy than PFT would. Perhaps a gif of a walking boot or maybe just the picture of Roethlisberger covered from head to toe in bags of ice after practice. He'll hang around a little longer since Roethlisberger is one of the top interviews he still wants to have on the show. He'lll do his best to savor that chance until he realizes there's not a shot in hell that Big Ben would subject himself to an interview where he'd be the butt of the joke throughout. 

3. PFT Mike Florio

  • PFT has learned well from his internet dad or maybe vice versa in this situation. I'm sure Big Ben will post a video of him throwing with JuJu or Ryan Switzer and Florio will be all over his shot to say something about "if only he could have been doing this with @AB84" even though Antonio Brown is more likely to be fighting Logan Paul on the internet than he is to be in the NFL this season. Then Florio will use that opportunity to bitch and moan about being blocked by him again. 

4. Me

  • Honestly writing this blog even in a joking manner may be enough to get me on the next list even though it's been well-documented I've had Roethlisberger's back for a while now (buy your Big Ben Revenge Tour shirts - all sizes restocked). 

5. Antonio Brown

  • Brown doesn't have anything to do but post workout videos and sit on his phone so you can imagine how much firepower he'll have ready to throw his former QB's way to keep himself still somewhat relevant. If whoever runs Big Ben's account wants to get on the level of whoever runs Eli Manning's account all they'd have to do is quote tweet one of AB's shots at him with this

or possibly the classic

And that should win some people over. 

6. The Entire Cast of Good Morning Football

  • No one loves to take shots at Roethlisberger like Nate Burleson, Peter Schrager, Kyle Brandt, and even Kay Adams. Whenever they need a segment to get peopled fired up (myself included sadly) they turn to the whiteboards and do a cheeky little bit about titling Big Ben's comeback if it were an 80's movie. I can already here Kyle Brandt screaming "Guys it's gotta be The Lost Boys because that locker room has no direction under a guy like him". Which will definitely be tweeted out then immediately blocked afterwards. 

Get your best shots ready, Twitter world (OJ voice), because here's your chance to get back at Big Ben. Take care.