Ja Morant Looks Ready For The Return Of Basketball

Remember Ja Morant? You know, the 20 year old monster point guard who basically carried the Grizzlies into a top 8 seed this year after they won only 33 games the year before? They have 32 wins in 65 games this year compared to 33 in 82 last year. That seems like a decent improvement. 

Well as we inch closer and closer to the NBA's return you're going to start seeing clips like this across your timeline. I for one am a big fan of this as Workout SZN is one of my favorite times on the NBA calendar and based on what my eyes are telling me, Ja Morant is ready to roll. I mean look at this shit

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 12.44.13 PM.png

It doesn't appear that Morant has lost anything during this quarantine so that has to have you feeling great as a Memphis fan. It's going to be pretty awesome to see a motivated and healthy Morant & Co try and fight off all those bubble teams that are gunning for their playoff spot. When it comes to Ja Morant, he was pretty effective against each challenger 

vs POR: 20/5/9

vs SAC: 18/1.5/6.0

vs SA: 16.7/4.7/7.0

vs PHX: 18/3.8/7.0

Only the Kings have given MEM trouble (3-1 vs MEM) but who knows if they'll be the one to compete in that play-in.

All I know is watching Ja Morant play basketball was one of the more fun parts of the 2019-20 season and partly why the whole hiatus stinks. Well now that we are getting a recharged Morant for the home stretch next month, chances are he's going to pick up right where he left off and I cannot wait.