If You Ignore Social Distancing Rules, You Might Be A Psychopath

NY POST - A peer-reviewed study set to be published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science found that individuals with higher rates of “dark traits,” such as psychopathy, were more likely to purposefully disregard protocols intended to stop the spread of the coronavirus. 

This included stories of people coughing, spitting and licking door handles in public as an intimidation or rebellion technique.

“There can be many reasons for this, and I thought that personality may play at least a small role in it,” Blagov [study author] says, noting that prior research has suggested that those with strong “dark triad” traits (that’s narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy) are “linked to health risk behavior and health problems.”

First of all, fuck the people that were intentionally coughing, spitting, and licking door handles. When I first heard that was happening, I was honestly taken aback by the sheer cruelty; I simply can't understand why anyone would do that to another human being. Even if the person wasn't infected, they know the other person can't possibly know that, making their fear is very real. I assume they must gain some sort of satisfaction from it, but why? Those on the receiving end are strangers, not someone who wronged them or was an asshole to them. Who gets off on intentionally harming complete strangers? 


Researchers surveyed 502 US adults during late March for the study, both assessing their personalities and gauging how well they were complying with recommended protocols like social distancing. While most participants reported they were willing to act accordingly in the name of protecting loved ones and strangers alike, some said they were ignoring spread-stopping advice. Those rejecting the advice, Blagov found, had higher rates of psychopathic personality features, including neuroticism, narcissism, disinhibition (risk-taking) and meanness.

This makes perfect sense. Most people understand that social distancing is for the greater good, not necessarily their own specific comfort. Even if they think/know they're not infected, they will still engage in the proper protocol out of respect to those around them. 

But if you're a narcissistic prick, of course you can't be bothered! Fuck everyone around you! If they're uncomfortable with your maskless face, that's their problem. Psychos don't have time for other people's extremely realistic fear of a potentially deadly virus that has taken over the world! In fact, the extreme psychopaths will not only ignore the rules, but if they're infected, they might intentionally spread their misfortune. 

“People scoring high on these traits tended to claim that, if they had COVID-19, they might knowingly or deliberately expose others to it,” Blagov says.

Holy shit. Imagine taking that survey and admitting you would deliberately infect someone else! Not only would you actually do the deed, but you consciously know, and are seemingly ok with knowing, you would do such a thing. 


That's as evil as it gets right there.

It is possible that these people are super-spreaders and “have a disproportionate impact on the pandemic by failing to protect themselves and others,” says Blagov.

One asshole's psycho behavior becomes an innocent stranger's burden. 

Misery loves company at its worst.