FINALLY! The NFL Is Reportedly Talking About Shortening The Preseason From 4 Games To 2 Games

Like most people, I was stoked when I first saw this tweet because preseason football games are the biggest cock teases in the world. You get weeks of OTAs, training camp, Hard Knocks, Madden, and everything else that edges NFL games to the brink of explosion (along with a hint of danger every time you hear a player got carted off with an injury). Preseason games are the absolute zenith of all this shit since they are the cauliflower pizza version of football that just leaves you wanting the real thing.

That being said, I have something to admit in the trust tree. Are we in the Trust Tree right now? Nope? Okay, let me climb in.

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Shit, close enough. 

I don't know if it's due to the fact I am becoming an Old that will probably learn to appreciate things I used to hate like black coffee or scotch, beginning to enjoy the building process of an NFL roster a bit more, or have been rooting for a team that's been picking in the top half of the draft for the last half decade and I love seeing my rookies get on the field before games count. But I think I am actually starting to enjoy preseason games more than I used to. I get that they are nowhere near the real thing and you hold your breath every time a game is going on because you don't want a torn ACL in a meaningless game. But being able to watch your team's first round QB get some low-pressure reps in and react completely rationally to performing well against 2nd and third stringers is fun.


We can't ignore that preseason games are always fun to follow when it comes to Hard Knocks and every game we watch for the next few months is going to feel at least 40% better than it should because coronavirus made the sports world go dark. Dare I say we may all actually enjoy watching preseason games for once? Plus if the NFL does change the preseason to 2 games, we have to give the coronavirus credit for pushing this change, and I don't want to give that asshole an ounce of credit for anything good.

Ahhhh fuck it, who am I kidding? You might as well cut the fake games ASAP and never add them back because we all know know the owners are going to want to cash in and add extra games that actually matter the millisecond the CBA allows them to. The NBA is going to be cooking when August rolls around and if there is a God, they will implement a December-August schedule to fill in the gaps of when football is out of our lives.

P.S. I'm not going to feel bad for season ticket holders that have to pay for tickets to 2 preseason home games because I'm a poor that is just happy to be able to afford attending one regular game a year.