A Big Thank You To Sarah Silverman For Reminding Us How Important Vitamin D Is

I just want to piggy back off of this brilliant point by Sarah Silverman. 

Vitamin D is incredibly important for your wellbeing. Did you know that Vitamin D deficiency is directly related to depression? 

We are in the middle of summer ,so it will be easy to get some Vitamin D rays from our friend Ray Baker (the sun), but next winter, do not forget to purchase some Vitamin D if you know you will not be outside often!

Vitamin D also helps to strengthen your immune system. If you're looking to fight off next winters cold or flu, look to increase your Vitamin D. 

There is even some thought that Vitamin D may help with fighting the coronavirus! This isn't 100% proven yet, but there have been countless articles done about coronavirus & Vitamin D:

Thanks to Sarah Silverman for shining some light on this!