Eintracht Frankfurt Will Be Wearing Kits With "#blacklivesmatter" Sponsor For German Cup Semi-Final Against Bayern, Kit Sold Out Online In An Hour.


FRANKFURT, Germany — Eintracht Frankfurt will wear a special edition soccer jersey with a “Black Lives Matter” message when it plays Bayern Munich in the German Cup semifinals on Wednesday.

The shirts are white and black and bear the #blacklivesmatter hashtag. Eintracht said it was “sending a clear signal against racism and xenophobia.”

This is honestly pretty awesome to see. You don't necessarily expect to see big sports teams pick sides on hot topics such as this - most teams just don't really wanna deal with the backlash that would come with dishing out takes on social issues - but this is different. We're in a rare period of time where so many people can unify to say one thing; fuck racism.

That is, of course, the message that Eintracht Frankfurt is sending by putting #blacklivesmatter on their kits. Especially in a sport where there's a good bit of racism amongst fans and fan groups. I'm not really surprised that the kits sold out either. Hell, if I had realized they were a thing before it was too late I probably would have snagged one up too. It's a pretty clean looking kit but the message is even better.

Werder Bremen actually did something similar when COVID-19 was running riot. They put a 'stay at home' sponsor on their shirt to promote staying quarantined during the height of the coronavirus ordeal.

I'll be honest, I don't watch much other soccer other than the EPL (prefer the English style of play a lot more to that of other leagues, plus I support Chelsea) where there isn't nearly as much open racism amongst fans as there is in other countries. It seems like every weekend there is a new story of some fans in Italy being blatantly racist towards black players. 

It's not even like the Premier League is perfect either. Just back in December, the play had to be paused in a match between Chelsea and Spurs because Chelsea's Antoine Rudiger told the referee Spurs fans were making monkey noises towards him following the red card given to Heung-Min Son. 

The list just keeps going on and on when it comes to racism in soccer. There are already so many campaigns against racism in European soccer that it's just so disgusting to see it continue. It's just nice to see a team take it into their own hands and put it right on their fucking shirt for all the racists to see. 

It would almost be some sort of poetic justice if Frankfurt was able to upset Bayern today and book their ticket to the cup final. I'm certainly rootin for em.