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Guy Takes Road Rage To The Next Level When A Chainsaw Gets Involved


Source - Police in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec say they arrested a 37-year-old man after he allegedly threatened a family in a car with a chainsaw. Police made the arrest this morning, hours after a video of the alleged incident went viral on social media.


What a day for automobile owners. First we have cars running people over who are throwing fisticuffs, and now we have this guy not very happy about something French-Canadian, and the only thing that can solve it is a chainsaw. Good grief. I said earlier that it feels the entire world is on edge today, and I think this pretty much proves it. Today, as black twitter would say, has no chill bruh. Everyone is overreacting and being angry and mad. You can just feel the tension in the air. And I’m 99.9% sure it’s the entire planet. Like there are people in their huts wearing their diapers drinking malaria-water in Africa who are like “man, today sucks”. I think we all just need a good night’s sleep and to try again tomorrow. With fewer chainsaws.