Ole Miss Intends To Have Full Crowds This Season

This is great news.

Remember when we were speculating just a few weeks ago if the college football season would even happen? Now we are onto the "full crowds or not?" debate. 

"Our hope is to have a full Vaught-Hemingway Stadium for the entire 2020 season," the memo read.

If limited capacity is deemed necessary, priority will be determined as follows:

  1. Season ticket holders that renewed by the June 15 deadline
  2. Athletics Foundation red priority points
  3. After the deadline and if there is still availability, orders will be filled on the date the order was receiver (i.e. first come first serve if available) 

They iterated that there is no risk in purchasing season tickets. If fans are no longer able to attend, refunds will be available.

Ole Miss is the first major team I have seen to determine the order of who will get tickets if capacity is limited. What is interesting is the lack of a plan for students to attend. I guess if students are season ticket holders they will be included in that first wave? Or maybe the student section will be just 50% full? 

Another thing to consider: if a conference has half of it's teams not allowed to have a full stadium, will the conference enforce a rule that forces all teams to have a 50% full stadium? Example: Boston College can only be 25% full, so ACC forces Clemson to only be 25% full. I'd assume that would not be the case. 

Hopefully, we will just have full stadiums across the country no matter what. 

P.s. Pretty cocky for Ole Miss to assume they'd have a full crowd: