God Dammit, Nick Wright Is Talking About Jayson Tatum And The Celtics

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Oh what the hell. You know what I don't need? I don't need Nick Wright saying anything remotely positive about either Jayson Tatum or the Boston Celtics. Under no circumstances should you want this to happen. Just last week we had Jalen Rose submit his application for the Celtics Duckboat and I felt great. That's a pundit you want in your corner. He knows basketball. Well I can't help but feel like whenever Nick Wright is on your side it's pretty much the kiss of death. I don't have the concrete evidence to support my claim but I know it to be true in my heart. So even if he doesn't truly believe that Tatum can elevate a couple tiers and the Celts win the title, just him saying the words out loud is enough for me to be triggered online. I don't want him talking about this team or any player on it. Can't risk it. That's some bad juju any way you slice it.

And while we're on the subject, I also don't really disagree with his list of players with most to gain by a title. Just a few tweaks here and there. That's what makes this such a complicated issue for me. I feel like I need to take another shower after I find myself agreeing with him. Just last month I did a similar blog and had many of the same names. The only difference in mine was it did not include Tatum and I grouped both Harden/Westbrook and Embiid/Simmons together. I chose the HOU duo as the players who were my choice for who benefits most. I don't know how you can have Embiid but not Simmons given all the flack Simmons gets for his lack of shooting and how that hurts them in the playoffs. If they win a title and he has a huge run, that narrative dies immediately. I would have also maybe included Chris Paul over someone like Khris Middleton. If the Bucks win that just solidifies Middleton as a legit #2, which we sort of already think he is. If Paul wins a ring that changes his entire legacy. That feels like more to gain to me. 

Maybe you think this will be nothing, but I say don't be so naive. We all know Nick Wright hates the Celtics and all this positive talk is about as clear a reverse jinx as these eyes have ever seen. That's why I officially rebuke everything he said in that clip even though I agree with it. No need to thank me for my service.