The Steelers "Franchise 5" Were Released And I Actually 100% Agree With The List

CBS Sports is filling the void of still barely any sports by releasing who they think the "Franchise Five" is for each NFL team. 

We as Steelers fans are so lucky. I mean, we could easily have a "Franchise 15" or a "Franchise 20". So breaking it down to only five players throughout the history of the franchise is automatically going to start some arguments. 

That was my first thought when I saw the article, but then I checked on the names, and I actually 100% agree with what they came up with. 

Side note - coaches ARE included in the lists. Here's the 5: 

Head Coach - Chuck Noll

QB - Ben Roethlisberger

RB - Franco Harris

DL - Joe Greene

S - Troy Polamalu

Who is beating that?

Right away the names that immediately come to mind that would have a really good argument to be on here are obviously Jack Lambert, Terry Bradshaw, Mel Blount, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Rod Woodson, hell you could probably even make the argument for James Harrison. 

But this five is perfect. 

Chuck Noll made the Steelers the Steelers. Along with Mean Joe, of course. Before the two of them came to Pittsburgh the Steelers were kind of garbage. That tandem are the two most responsible for the greatest dynasty of the 70's. 

Mean Joe Greene would still be dominant in today's game. One thing that hasn't changed from all the way back then to now - you have to get after the quarterback and disrupt the backfield. Who has done it better than Mean Joe? Easy call there. 

Franco Harris is responsible for the greatest play in NFL history. That's not a stretch. That's a fact. It was actually ranked that during the 100 year celebration last year. The Immaculate Reception is more than enough to get his name on this list, and it definitely doesn't hurt that he was the bellcow of those 70's Super Bowl teams. 

Troy Polamalu is a transcendent player. The way that dude flew around would have been almost even more lethal back in those days with less rules in favor of the offense than the days that he actually was playing. First ballot hall of famer. A staple on any defense. No brainer. 

Ben Roethlisberger making this list is probably going to piss some people off because, well, when doesn't Big Ben piss somebody off? Someone always has a bone to pick with him. "BUT TERRY BRADSHAW WON 4 SUPER BOWLS!!!" I can already hear from the mob, but do you really think Terry Bradshaw vs. Big Ben strictly playing quarterback and not having the best defense of all-time in a less pass happy league would beat 7? Not a chance. Hell, Bradshaw even admitted a couple months ago that Ben is the best quarterback in franchise history. This is the right call. 

At the end of the day here we have three out of the four most important parts of football covered here: head coach, the quarterback, the guy who gets after the quarterback, and the guy who covers. Add in an absolute legend in the offensive backfield and this list is perfect.