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Jon Stewart Defends Trevor Noah After The Twittersphere Took A Dump On Him



Kind of expected but I’m glad Jon Stewart took the time to defend Trevor Noah during his first show back since the announcement was made.  A cool, calm and collected response from Stewart after the Twittersphere took a dump al over Noah over the last week or so for tweets Noah fired off a few years ago.  Tweets that come people found insensitive because they apparently don’t understand what comedians do.  Even if the jokes sucked (and some of them REALLY sucked) that doesn’t change the fact that they’re jokes. Am I repeating what has already been blogged on this site?  Has this been blogged on this site?  Oh, it has?  Well then I’ll stop.  But it was cool for Jon to defend Trevor in what has to be a weird time for him.  Think about it.  Noah gets tabbed for the dream of all dream comedy jobs.  Host of The Daily Show.  And then about 45 minutes later he’s getting dragged through the coals because people suck.  I’m sure it was nice to see his boss stand up for him.  I’m rambling.