Another Afternoon Doubleheader, Because Why Not? Tennessee Aims to Go On Winning Streak Against Michigan, Georgia

After winning just one game during yesterday's triple-header, Coach Gus Duggerton and the Tennessee Volunteers are in a position they've never been in before. 

They're chasing.

Before we get in today's preview, a brief recap of what we witnessed yesterday...

Virginia Tech 45, Tennessee 31 - The Hokies double down on last year's National Title Game and handed the Vols their first loss of 2018.

Tennessee 52, North Carolina 17 - The Vols reassert their dominance in a statement bounce back win versus Mack Brown and company.

Florida 41, Tennessee 38 - A wild finish eventually leads to the Gators kicking a game-winning field goal as time expires, leaving the Vols with an 0-1 record to begin SEC play.

After a rollercoaster of a day, Coach Duggs and the Volunteers are currently 2-2 (0-1 in SEC play) after playing the first third of the 2018 season. The gauntlet of a schedule continues today with two powerhouses, Michigan and Georgia. 

With two losses this early into the season, most might think the chance of returning to the National Title Game are done. While that is probably true, wins against the Wolverines and Bulldogs, respectively, certainly would allow some room to get some people back on the Duggs Train. We've seen you folks hop off right after the Virginia Tech loss, and if you want to hop back on, we'll remember that.

Why this many games in this short of a span, you ask? Well, Coach Duggs can't gamble and chase his financial losses, so instead, he's chasing these teams that are trying to spoil his run back to the Natty.


Does the possibility of a QUINTUPLE-HEADER today make me worry about my fingers hurting by the time midnight rolls around? Absolutely.

But does the possibility of a QUINTUPLE-HEADER today also make me excited for the Duggs overload and potential thrilling games we are going to get treated to on this fine Wednesday? Absolutely. 

It all begins at 2:07 PM today, as the Michigan Wolverines make their way to Knoxville, with a trip to Athens immediately after.