Coach Cal Wanted To Start 'Bash Wednesday's' Where He Would Roast His Enemies On Twitter And I Need That More Than Ever

[The Athletic] - Upon landing the Kentucky job in 2009, a Sports Illustrated profile revealed, he toyed with the idea of “Bash Wednesday,” a weekly evisceration of his enemies on Twitter, which cooler heads persuaded him was unwise. Citing Italian heritage in his 2013 book “Players First,” Calipari wrote, “If you come after one of my players, I come after you twice as hard. If you kill one of mine, I burn your village.” During a 2017 ESPN documentary about his life, Calipari looked directly into the camera with a self-satisfied smirk and announced, “You’re going to hate me, because I come to your town and we beat your team.”

I mean this is the most obvious content that needs to happen. Coach Cal every Wednesday bringing out his Burn Book and just roasting people. Pat Forde, come get some of this. Rico, catch these words. Speaking of Rico, sure do HATE to see a guy who claims he's a man of honor constantly lie about Calipari. 

Did he really tell a prospect that St. John’s coach Lou Carnesecca was dying of cancer? Calipari and several other key figures in that tall tale have called it complete fiction.

Assumed the way Rico talked he wouldn't tarnish someone's name when it's proven false, but I digress from that. This is about the genius idea of Bash Wednesday's. Honestly, Dave needs to do this. Imagine him just lining up once a week and targeting one person. That'd be my favorite thing on Twitter because no one goes after someone like Dave. 

I just imagine Cal roasting people left and right. I really need to know who truly is on his shit list. He's got the crew behind him too - remember he's close with Huggy Bear, Frank Martin and Andy Kennedy. That's a crew you don't want to fuck with so you have the mouth in Cal and then the muscle with those three. 

There's no one better and getting people riled up than Cal. He knows how to push buttons. That's what this story goes into - like how he wanted Memphis to secede from Tennessee: 

Calipari stoked a rivalry with the Volunteers and coach Bruce Pearl by championing a popular barbershop argument: “We should secede and become our own state,” he said. “The state of Memphis.” Calipari made sincere points about how both the university and city were neglected — if not essentially disowned — by the rest of the state anyway. He proposed playing the rivalry game on a neutral court in Nashville so he could bring his players to the state legislature to lobby for more funding.

So let's make Bash Wednesday a thing. Need it now more than ever. It's like the start of Festivus but in the middle of every week. Coach Cal changing the game again.