Bouncing Back in Chapel Hill: Tennessee Returns to Win Column With Burger Over North Carolina

The second part of today's TRIPLEHEADER was an absolute no doubter from Gus Duggerton and the Tennessee Volunteers. The SEC juggernaut crushed North Carolina 52-17 in Chapel Hill on Tuesday night, as both sides of the ball bounced back quite well after this afternoon's loss to Virginia Tech.

After Tiny Scoops scored a big touchdown to open up the scoring, we were reintroduced to an old friend... AIR DUGGS!

The Volunteer offense kept the good times rolling in the first half. Coach Duggs felt like rolling the dice, and man, did it pay off greatly.

With JoJo Smalls' departure, you just knew that Rico Burgerton would have ample opportunities to put up numbers. And this is a fantastic sign of that.

Moving on to the third quarter, QB Stefon Cheah and the offense weren't exactly perfect. However, they were just good enough to get inside of a 35-yard field goal attempt. You know what that means...


We were also introduced to new WR weapon Slim Cooper...

And while the game started with a Tiny Scoops touchdown, it ended with a Tiny Scoops touchdown. This one, however, unleashed the first burger of the 2018 season for Tennessee.

Up next for the Duggernaut in tonight's Duggleheader... the SEC opener vs. the (18) Florida Gators. You may recall the last time these two teams met in Gainesville, it got a little out of control.

We are LIVE right now, and as I press the publish button on this blog, it's 7-3 Gators. Join us below! Positive vibes only in the chat tonight.