Marc Rebillet Is The Only Musician On Tour In America Right Now And I Wouldn't Want It To Be Anyone Else

Is this the biggest flex in American history? The internet icon Marc Rebillet kicked off his drive-in tour last night in Baltimore and from the sound of it, he killed his performance! 

If you don't know who Marc Rebillet is, he is one of the most creative, funniest, and talented impromptu artists of the generation. He cooks up beats and creates songs on the spot in front of thousands of people for his livestream shows. I think the first video I saw of him was 'Look At That Ass'. 

I can't say I followed him religiously, but I would always see him pop up on my timeline and watched his short 1-2 minute videos of him using his angel voice to sing about eating out a booty hole or telling you to shut your dog up

I 100% hopped on the Marc Rebillet bandwagon after it took off, but I'm very happy for his success, I'm glad he's still being himself and not doing it for a record deal, but for people who need laughs and entertainment. He seems like an incredible human to talk to, and is obviously one of the most entertaining humans on the planet right now. Feel free to travel down a rabbit hole of Marc Rebillet videos and I guarantee you that it will make your day!