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We Need Bill Walton More Than Ever: Kevin Harlan Said NBA Announcers Have To Call Games From A Studio Via A Monitor

Not necessarily surprising that the NBA is being safe and keeping announcers from the Disney World bubble. If you've been awake in the morning you've seen this happen with the KBO and it's weird for sure. That's exactly why we need to call one person and one person only (to start). 

Bill Walton. 

Think about it? We are experimenting with how we watch sports right now and most of us all agree that broadcasters are just viewed differently. We all have Twitter or social media so we can follow along however we want. Personally I'd love to hear more of the coaches and players even if they aren't truly miked up. I don't need Chris Webber or Reggie Miller rambling in my ear. 

I need Bill Walton rambling. Make it story time with Bill. Just let him go with Dave Pasch from separate rooms. We don't always need to hear x's and o's breakdown. I want to be entertained. Shit, we already know Bill Walton can call an NBA Finals - he called 2002 and 03 Finals. Plus we have the crossover: 

Don't get me wrong I love guys like Kevin Harlan. He's fucking awesome. But we have plenty of series. Give me Walton and Pasch on one. Give me Raft and Gus together. Raft - the true GOAT, really the true GOAT human - called Nets games with Ian Eagle. It's where he created the term onions. But give me Gus and Raft on call whenever the game gets close. 

Give me Harlan, Walton, Gus, Eagle, Raft, Doris Burke, Hubie Brown and Mike Breen and let's get weird.