Kentucky's Defensive Captain Calls Out Idiot Writers For Predicting UK Football Will Only Win 5-6 Games

We're back in prediction season, which honestly feels refreshing because we means we have sports coming. But I couldn't love this more. Joshua Paschal, Kentucky's defensive captain just flat out calling these national writers idiots. They've been wrong the last two years, might as well be wrong again. Now, I notice he hasn't said anything about Unnecessary Roughness so I want to get ahead of the story. Kentucky will win more than 5-6 games. Put it on record. 

At some point you have to admit Kentucky football isn't what it used to be. I'm just here to say it on a louder platform because I'm paid to do so. They are recruiting better than ever - Paschal picked Kentucky over Notre Dame. They are winning more games than ever before, following up a 10-win season by winning 8 while playing a WR at QB. There are very few, if any programs in the country better at adapting than what Kentucky did last season. 

Plus, I like being on the right side of history. The only two people two years ago and even last year to talk about how great Kentucky was? Myself and Dave. Pretty good company to be in. It's also just getting lazy by most of these national guys. Kentucky beats Missouri every year. Kentucky has finished above South Carolina 5 of the last 6 years. Yet every year it's Georgia-Florida-Tennessee-South Carolina-Missouri above Kentucky in the preseason projections. You'd think one of these years they'd learn, but I guess not. 

Getting Terry Wilson back and healthy is huge. They have probably the second best line in the conference behind Alabama. They have three really good running backs. They have receivers. 6 wins? Hammer the over. Again. 

PS: This is just the second best thing Paschal has done this offseason. The first being continuing to beat cancer