A Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire Built A Working Dr. Octopus Suit With A 3D Printer. Yes This Is A Real Life Headline

I just wanted to take a timeout and appreciate 2020 for a minute here. After giving us wayyyyy more than we could handle in an entire year over just six months, throwing the origin story of a real life supervillain right in our faces may be its greatest accomplishment yet. Not only does this teenage millionaire make a sweet ass Dr. Octopus suit straight from the comic books, but everything else from this story has been upgraded to make this feel like modern update to the Spiderverse. His millions? Made by investing in Bitcoin. His suit? Created with a 3D printer. Even the name Erik Finman is straight from Stan Lee's beautiful mind. I know Erik made the suit to help humanity, which based on the smile on that kids face makes it all worth it. However we all know most supervillains, including Doc Ock, started out in their respective fields to help others out before something caused them to break bad. Based on the last 6 months, there are a million different things that could potentially cause Erik Finman to break bad. So if you're reading this Erik, keep using your riches and brain for good, because there's no way we are getting a real life Spiderman until 2021 at the absolute earliest.