Do You Have A DVD Collection You'd Like To Show Off To The World?

Since getting quarantined at my wifeys parent's house, I've basically spent all my time in their basement since it's the only spot with an ethernet cord. Down there, I stumbled upon their seemingly endless DVD collection that includes bootlegs brought back from Malaysia, sandwich baggies with 'True Blood' episodes in them, and WWF Warzone for PS1.A

Anyway, I think I've exhausted the DVDs in this house but I know that I'm not the only one sitting on a stockpile of them. So I'm looking for any of you stoolies out there that have a collection of movies whether it be DVDs, Blu Ray, Clamshell VHS or whatever really. If you want to show off your stash, dm me on twitter or instagram a picture(s) of what you got along with your instagram handle. We'll chat, work out a time and I'll pop on to instagram live and invite you so that you can give us a tour.