Shout Out To UFC Fighter Mike Perry's Girlfriend For Helping Him Prepare For His Next Fight...Romance Is Not Dead

Mike "Platinum" Perry is unfortunately on a 2 fight losing streak in the UFC. Losing to Vincent Luque and Geoff Neal is by no means "career-ending," but for him to get back on track to becoming a ranked in the Welterweight division, he needs to win his upcoming fight against Mickey Gall. 

As he prepares for that fight against Gall, Perry is taking a different training with his girlfriend:

Pretty funny video and the comments are even better. 

Perry has a reputation for being a wilddddd UFC fighter, inside the cage and during his preparations for his fights:


Is this SIMP behavior? I'm not sure. If she's at his training camp at all times then yes, it is SIMP behavior. Orrrrr maybe it's not? He's getting her to work for him for free. That's the anti-SIMP. Maybe, just maybe, Mike Perry is the SIMP antidote. 

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