What To Expect In Tonight's Rematch Vs. Virginia Tech

Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room. Week 1 was not a convincing enough win to make the Duggs faithful feel confident going into hosting the Defending National Champions. Stefan Cheah does not have the receiving core that Caleb Presley had, but there’s a reason Caleb went undrafted after having a heisman caliber season, he’s was a cancer to the locker room. Stefan Cheah is the epitome of a leader, a selfless QB quick to put his teammates first, I see Stefan coming into his own under a Duggs play style that a lot of us are not accustomed to. This is the hardest schedule Duggs has ever faced and will be led by QB with virtually no starting experience. All eyes will be on Stefan, Rico, and Pua to make this offense hum. 

What to expect on offense:

Rico Burgerton is going to run wild this entire season. Expect a run heavy offense that pounds the ball and capitalizes off of defenses stacking the box attempting to stop Rico. Pua Stubbs will be targeted 10-14 times a game, look for Duggs to key into hot routes with him as well as exposing LB matchups for the All-American TE. Expect offensive drives that demolish morale with 10-15 play drives. Expect smart precise throws with a max of 1 interception. 

What to expect on defense: 

Blitz blitz blitz. Virginia Tech ran ramped last year and I promise this will not be the case this year. Expect heavy pressure on first and second down and press man. Perkins leads this defense as a sideline to sideline LB with a neck roll and no gloves, you love to see it. The defense is going to have to play aggressive football and dominate the trenches, I don’t see Virginia Tech coming into Neyland Stadium and winning this game loving and dying on the run. 


Tennessee 35 

Virginia Tech 21

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