Hard Factor Radio 6/9: Looney Tunes Returns, Ohio Kid Tracker, 5G Mayhem & Listener Debate #2

Hard Factor Radio returns with a fresh slate of top stories from around the world and another Listener Debate that you won't want to miss.  Listen to the full episode on Sirius On-demand by searching Hard Factor.  

First up, Pat starts us off with some good news for those of us that have refused to let go of their childhood, as Looney Tunes is making a comeback to HBO's newest streaming service but with some unfortunate changes...

Next, we took it over to the state of Ohio, where a small school district may be planning to force students to carry trackers around in order to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.  This could either go really poorly or really poorly… 

There's honestly no good outcome.

The only thing more fucked up than that, is the government implementing Coronavirus spreading 5G telephone poles everywhere… 

Finally, we hosted our second Listener Debate featuring two longtime Hardo Hive members, Jackson P and Big Ounce.  The facts and figures were flying early, as both nerds-…I mean debaters came prepared with notes on policy and expenditures for the first topic: Space Exploration funding.  The next topic dove into the realm of deep fake technology and whether it should become Government regulated.  To that, I say, HELL NO! If I want to see a deep fake porno of that spicy Colombian mom from Modern Family, I better be able to do so without fear of government intervention.  THAT'S MY RIGHT, GOD DAMNIT!

I digress…

The last round of today's debate featured a truly hard-hitting topic which made the judges' decision a tough one in the end.  


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