A Contestant in the 'Miss Hitler' Beauty Pageant Surprisingly Turns Out to be a Neo-Nazi and Gets Jailed

Mirror - A former Miss Hitler beauty pageant contestant has been jailed for three years for being part of a banned extreme right group.

Alice Cutter entered the twisted competition under the name of The Buchenwald Princess - a reference to a Second World War death camp, where 56,545 people were starved to death, executed or died of disease.

The 23-year-old exchanged hundreds of messages with members of hate group National Action, many of which were racist and anti-semitic.

Her ex-partner Mark Jones, a former member of the British National Party’s youth wing, was also convicted of being a member and was jailed for five-and-a-half years today. ...

Cutter also joked about gassing synagogues and using a Jew’s head as a football. ... He was described by prosecutors as a “leader and strategist” and had the nickname 'Mr Angry'. ...

Her ex-partner Jones was also convicted of being a member. ... The 25-year-old accepted in court that he had posed for a photograph doing a Nazi salute in Buchenwald's execution room during a trip to Germany in April and May 2016. ...

Jones claimed that he had carried out the salute as a "controversial statement", having also taken a selfie in the camp's ovens where thousands of murdered Jews had been incinerated.

During his evidence he told jurors how he had "feelings of admiration for Hitler", before it emerged he had a special wedding edition of Mein Kampf.

Jones and Cutter ... described themselves in court as avowed national socialists, but denied any wrong-doing....  Despite having split up in the course of the trial, they embraced in the dock before being taken down to the cells.

Denied any wrong-doing? Denied any wrong-doing??? What the name of Joseph fucking Goebbels kind of candyass Nazis are you? Going to court and fighting the charges. That is some weak cheese and beneath a true, avowed National Socialists.

What do you think Alice, you can just throw on way too much eyeliner, put on a "Buchenwald Princess" sash and parade around a stage in an evening gown, do your tight-five of Jew jokes for the Talent Competition and that makes you Eva Braun?  Hey Mark, you think you just take a couple of selfies in a crematorium where tens of thousands of innocents were reduced to ashes and that makes you a member of the Master Race? Fucking pussy. 


Being a true Aryan Ubermensch isn't just following some band, you posers. You don't just dabble in the world's most monstrous ideology. It's got to be a lifestyle. You can't just sit around behind closed doors asking your pathetic loner virgin friends to call you "Mr. Angry" and make them listen to your rant about the Zionist conspiracy that controls all the world's banks for the thousandth time then walk around in public like some ordinary slapdick. And you don't lawyer up when you're confronted with your beliefs. No denials. No masks. No sneaking around hiding your identity. No being a closet Nazi. 

If you're a true believer, you've got to commit. Own it. Play the part. Swatiska neck tattoos. Brown shirt uniforms. If you had any sort of balls, you'd be out and proud. Hell, Der Fuhrer you admire so much went to Landsberg Prison after the Beer Hall Putsch, and he only had one testicle. Or didn't you read that book you got as a wedding present? The ol' paper-hanging son of a bitch did his time, got early release for ... good behavior, I guess? ... and was pushing toddlers into gas chambers in no time. 

I guess the bottom line is that they don't make National Socialist Party members like they used to. Because earlier generations killed the little fuckers by the millions. And while they're a weed we are still trying to eradicate, they've been reduced to goddamned beauty pageants and selfies and distancing themselves from their own ideology when the heat is on. But that doesn't mean the rest of us aren't still going to hunt them down until there are none left. 

One other thing Hitler and his lady friend did: Kill themselves. I'm going to suggest Alice Cutter and Mark Jones really commit to his "feelings of admiration for Hitler" and do likewise so they don't piss into the gene pool any more than their parents did.