Jonathan Toews Says That Michael Jordan Reminds Him Of Patrick Kane, BRING ME EDMONTON

Quickly, before I get into the blog...shout out to Daniel Greenberg. That guy never misses ANYTHING

Jonathan Toews did what seemed like an impromptu podcast of sorts with Kevin Weekes via instagram last night. The 40 minute show was largely about the state of the world, race relations, and how Toews is approaching the issue. Honestly, I can't think of a better person than Jonathan Toews to deliver a message like this in trying, sad, and confusing times. Toews is genuine, thoughtful, and he chooses his words carefully. It's worth watching if you can carve out the time. 

You can fast-forward to the 33 minute mark or so to get the full comments. Toews talking about how specific and how methodical Kane is in his preparation gave me chills. "He perfectly combines intuition with rationale". That is a PERFECT way to put it. Kane seemingly instinctively knows how to get open, where his teammates will be, how to get defenders off their angle and back on their heels. It's because he does the homework. It's because he studies, practices, and learns constantly and then applies it to rip his opponents guts out. We've seen it time and time again during quarantine with these NHL replays. Kane throwing daggers at the Lightning, Kane knocking out the Kings, Kane just CONSTANTLY getting better and better in every series as it moves on. I remember specifically in 2015 doing a radio show with Big Cat on WGN when the Blackhawks were down 2-1 and Hedman was doing a number on Kane early in the series. I had seen that before. So had everyone else. Eventually Kane is going to figure it out. He is going to learn how to attack you and before you know it...the Hawks have ripped off three straight wins, he has over a point per game and you're wondering where it went wrong. I think the old Hawks had a lot of guys like that. Hossa, Toews, Keith, Kane...they all got more dangerous as time went on in a series. 

Badddddd day to be an Edmonton Oiler. Bad. This is what they were afraid of. A guy like Patrick Kane who is miles ahead of everyone mentally. He will be up to full speed when the playoffs start and everyone else will be trying to figure shit out and re-start their legs. You know the Hawks core smells blood in the water. When Kane gets a sniff that is when things go south for his opponents in a hurry. Can not WAIT for the playoffs now. Get me to August.