The Bottom 8 NBA Teams Need To Play An NIT To Determine The #1 Pick Next Year

Listen, JB. I don't care what protocol or regulations the NBA might put in here to help the teams that didn't make the Top 22, the Cavs are still coming into next season with a competitive disadvantage: our roster. And the same goes for the Hawks, Pistons, Knicks, Bulls, Hornets, and sort of for the Timberwolves. Obviously the Warriors are in a completely different boat......but the point remains, I don't care what the NBA does to alleviate the time off for the Bottom 8, they aren't going to be at any more of a competitive disadvantage next year than they already would be. Superstars win games, not extra time at mini-camp.

Regardless, the way the world works now is that THIS ISN'T FAIR! Why does everyone else get to get better while we have to wait 9 months to get back on the court competitively? My great grandpa would've told the Cavs to win more than 19 games and they wouldn't be in this pickle, but my great grandpa is dead, and now the Cavs want fair treatment.

I've seen a couple proposals that would be good to listen to during my afternoon nap: an extra team mini-camp, an 8 team summer league, and joint practices. Oh boy, talk about evening the playing field! In fact, that might tip the scale too far the other direction. If Adam Silver grants the Cavs and the Hornets an extra weekend of joint practices in October, might the entire landscape of the NBA change? How could anyone compete with the Pistons next season if they get 5 days of OTAs this Fall?

Bottom line: who cares. The NBA players will find ways to play basketball if they want to play basketball. Coronavirius messed everything up, and not playing games for 9 months isn't the biggest deal in the world. Give them joint practices if that's what they want.

.......or we could make it interesting.

How about an NBA NIT tournament to determine the Top 8 picks of the 2020 Draft?

If you can host 22 teams at Disney World at the end of July, you can find a way to host 8 NBA teams in Las Vegas in September. Single elimination NIT tournament.....winning team gets the #1 overall pick. You can play out the losers to figure out the Top 8 if you want, or you can just make some rule like "smallest margin of loss gets the tiebreaker" or regular season head-to-head for the 7/8, 5/6, and 3/4 picks. It would be 7 basketball games total. You could do it in one weekend if you had to, or you could play one game each night throughout the course of a week.

Instead of teams tanking to get more ping pong balls in the lottery, how about compete for the #1 pick? Instead of trying to be terrible to get Zion Williamson, how about being to be the best worst team? I think people would watch this. Even during football season.....even during the other NBA playoff games.....everyone will watch a single elimination tournament. Think about it: would you rather watch Game 2 of the 2nd round Pacers vs. Raptors series? Or would you rather watch a win or go home game between the Knicks and the Bulls to get the #1 overall pick in the 2020 draft?

Coronavirus has already cancelled and altered so much that now is the time where you can literally do anything you want to do. Try the NBA NIT......and I'd imagine people might love it so much / the NBA will make so much more money than having one lottery night on TV that we may never go back.