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Devin Booker Is A Genius For Getting 'Busted' Hanging Out With Kendall Jenner Before Living In A Bubble

Hear me out. I know people will say aligning yourself with a Kardashian/Jenner is a terrible idea. It could hurt your career! Some are saying that Ben Simmons can't shoot because of his previous relationship with Kendall Jenner. Not me, but some. That said, we know Devin Booker can shoot. He has one of the prettiest forms in the NBA. 

But this is why Booker is a genius. The Suns will need a minor miracle to make the true playoffs. They are one of the 22 teams going to Orlando, but it's not like they have a legit shot. However, Booker still has to live in this bubble for a few weeks. He can't go outside. He can't have visitors. It's like adult camp just with the best basketball players in the world. 

So yeah, you hang out with one of the hottest people in America. Say what you want about the family, you can't disagree that Kendall Jenner is fucking hot: 

Remember they were caught hanging out together earlier in quarantine: 

She responded to that with one of the best responses I've seen. I honesty laughed at it: 

So yeah this is a no-brainer for Devin Booker. You get that one last date in with Kendall Jenner. You take those memories and store them away while you're living in a bubble that you can't leave. The Suns are playing with house money there anyways. If they get hot and somehow find a way into the playoffs, he gets the credit. They don't make it? They weren't supposed to anyways.