England's Miss BumBum Champ Promises She Will Strip Naked If Chelsea Wins The Champions League

See, this is A+ motivation for Chelsea. This is Jessica Lopes - England's Miss BumBum champ. A title that holds plenty of weight around the world. But she has a guarantee. If Chelsea wins the Champions League, she will strip naked (but wear their jersey, which really isn't naked). 

According to the Daily Star, she said: "If Chelsea win the Champions League I will pose naked with their shirt on, nothing will stop me."

Just a quick question here. Who would stop her? I'm pretty sure nobody would stop her of posing naked with their shirt on. Pretty sure that's the point here, Jessica. But it's a long shot for Chelsea to advance here. Champions League was paused with them in the middle of the Round of 16 match. They lost the first leg to Bayern Munich 3-0. So they have to really, really pull off a miracle to even get to the quarterfinals. 

That's why this promise is a little soft for me. Remember this one from back in the day? 

A 16-hour sex marathon for more goals! That's an aggressive approach sure, but that's just scoring more goals vs a miracle Champions League run. She apparently is a huge Chlesea fan though

Gotta admit this 2020 soccer version of Major League isn't too shabby, but fuck Chelsea. COYS

Being a pro athlete sounds awesome.