Wake Up With Every NBA Team's Best Play Of The Decade

There have been a lot of awesome moments over the last 10 years no matter what team you root for. I know sometimes in these Wake Up blogs it can focus around a specific player that maybe you don't give a shit about because he doesn't play for your favorite team, well today we have something for everybody. Doesn't matter who you root for, you're going to see the best play that team had over the last decade. 

Sometime I forget how long ago a decade is in the NBA. I mean who remembers what went down in like....2013. Think of how many plays there have been over those 10 years in the league. Is is a billion? Probably, as I've stated I'm not a huge math guy. All I know is this video ruled while also being a great trip down memory lane so go ahead and stop reading and just hit play. You won't regret it.