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Former Top-40 Recruit DJ Carton Says He Was Forced To Transfer From Ohio State Because 'They Ain't Have Room For Me'

Well this just got more interesting. I should preface that this is by no means the first or last time a player has said or it's been reported that a person had to transfer because they essentially were recruited over or were asked to transfer. But this is DJ Carton, who announced he was transferring this past season. Carton was a top-40 recruit. He was just a freshman starting. It didn't make a ton of sense at the time except that Carton battles from mental health problems :

He ended up at Marquette which a great fit for his style of play. But I do find it interesting how this is playing out. There's obviously some sort of animosity in a way between Carton and the staff or Carton and Ohio State if he feels this way. Again, I'm not sure how he would be recruited over or forced out when he was playing major minutes as a freshman. My guess is there's something still out there that caused a riff between Carton and Ohio State. 

Now it's worth noting that nobody from Ohio State has said anything yet. They are just letting Carton say what he needs to, which is probably the smart thing to do. No matter what happened or what caused this transfer, it's easier just to stay quiet, back the kid on his move to Marquette and not be a headache. Like I said, Carton isn't the first or last person to allegedly be forced out of a program in a transfer.