Wake Up With Ray Bourque Lifting The Cup On This Day 19 Years Ago

"AFTER TWENTY-TWO YEARS.....RAYMOND BOURQUE" How can you not get emotional watching this? I remember watching Ray lift the cup was the first time I ever saw my dad cry. We were a huge Bourque family. We used to take all of our Christmas Cards in his 77 Bruins jersey. I remember my dad had a "Mission 16 W" shirt that he would wear every game throughout that entire playoffs. We would count down the wins Ray needed to win the cup. It was mission 10, 5, and eventually 1. 

Ray Bourque is the reason I fell in love with hockey and while he never brought a Cup to Boston, it still meant the world to me to see him win. 

Just an ALL TIME move by Joe Sakic. Doesn't even think to raise the cup over his head. 77 goes first, he deserves it.