Unfinished Business: Gus Duggerton Returns to Tennessee, Takes Care of Maryland in Season Opener

Well folks, Coach Duggs did it. He kept his word. After saying he would only leave Knoxville if Wisconsin offered, it never happened, and America's Coach is running it back with the Tennessee Volunteers.

Gus Duggerton turned down more than a dozen schools to ensure his return with Rocky Top, where there is one goal and one goal only: to win the 2018 BCS National Championship.

Before he could take the field to begin a new season, Coach Duggs had to take care of some offseason shenanigans. First up, convincing RB Rico Burgerton to come back for one more year.

Next: ensure as many of his graduating players get drafted. In a surprise to many: FAILURE!

Coach Duggs then customized his 2018 schedule, which is by far the toughest in the entire country...

And we also welcomed some new Volunteers to Knoxville.


After all this, it was off to Neyland Stadium so that Coach Duggs could resume his stint as Tennessee's Head Football Coach. After Pardon My Take recurring guest and notable NCAA 14 Footballer Scott Van Pelt faced the Vols last night, it was time for Duggerton to return the favor.

This season opener in Knoxville hinted at what the lethal backfield combination RB's Rico Burgerton and Tiny Scoops can do this season. Each of them found their way into the end zone multiple times.


In the end, we saw signs of what can really be an unreal offense from top to bottom for Gus Duggerton's squad. The 2018 Vols are 1-0 and hungry to return to the Rose Bowl and a chance to win it all.

It's a split doubleheader tomorrow, starting at 4 PM vs........

Virginia Tech. That's right, a Natty rematch. The revenge game of all revenge games. Coach Duggs will face North Carolina later at night. You can watch it all on the PMT Twitch Channel.