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WILD Video Of A Guy Paragliding His Lazy Boy Without A Parachute

That can't be real, right? There has to be some sort of harness or parachute somewhere that we can't see. There's no way that anyone would be that stupid, then again, probably not. All it would take is one tiny gust off wind to knock him off that couch and he's dead. He's got to be at least what, five hundred feet off the ground? Look at this maniac...



And if you thought it wasn't real here's proof. He lands it at the end...


That's not to say there wasn't a harness under his clothes attached to the couch but still, what a wild video. It reminds me of the time Travis Pastrana jumped out of a plane without a parachute. Some people just need to be close to death to feel alive. I have a little of that, but no where near these guys. Insane.