Disappointing Statistic: 39% Of Americans Either Ingested Or Washed Their Food With Bleach To Protect Themselves From COVID-19

NY POST - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say that over a third of Americans who took its survey reportedly misused household cleaners.

"Thirty-nine percent of respondents reported engaging in non-recommended high-risk practices with the intent of preventing SARS-CoV-2 transmission, such as washing food products with bleach, applying household cleaning or disinfectant products to bare skin and intentionally inhaling or ingesting these products,” the CDC report read.

I sincerely hope this survey is not representative of the general population because if so, boy are we in trouble. I mean, how are we expected to progress as a country if 39% of its people are brilliant enough to think consuming bleach is the answer? Back when Trump asked if a bleach injection could be a cure against COVID-19, I was shocked by his stupidity, but I did not think it would lead to a surge of people actually ingesting bleach. 

Clearly I give people too much credit. So I don't know who needs to hear this (and don't want to know you), but do NOT wash your food with bleach! Do NOT inhale it! Do NOT ingest it! Are you serious?!! Why on earth would you think a liquid substance that can literally burn a hole through fabric would be a-ok for you to put in your body? Do you somehow think that giving it a quick rinse with water after the fact is going to magically make all of its dangerous compounds disappear? If so, do you also shower without soap because you think water alone is enough to remove all your stink? 

Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it's not a-ok, it won't make it disappear, and you stink. 

Folks, it's 2020, let's be better than poisoning ourselves through intentional bleach consumption.