Model Can't Find a Boyfriend Because Her 'Boobs are Too Big'

The Sun - A BUSTY model says she can find a boyfriend because her boobs are “too big”.

German model Yvonne Bar, 26, spent £30,000 on surgery to enhance her figure and look like Kim Kardashian. 

The former investment banking assistant from Frankfurt said she had always loved the idea of having curves “in the right places”.

She felt very insecure about her body for years and would even avoid going to swimming pools or the beach.

Her high school peers would mock her body shape, calling her names like ‘tomboy’ and said that she looked like a ‘stick with nipples’.

Since 2013 she has undergone three boob jobs which cost £20,260 (22,000 euros) which has increased her bra size from an AA to a H cup. ...

“I’ve always thought women with curves in the right places are beautiful and for me a woman should have nice breasts,” Yvonne said. ...

“Men stare a lot of course but many are intimidated to actually walk up and talk to me, I think. I receive a lot of messages on my Instagram and Only Fans and people from all over the world contact me and want to invite me to events.

“Sometimes it’s a bit stressful and it feels like I have to prove myself, that I am a good person with moral standards. ...

“It’s very difficult for me now to find a serious relationship. I would really like one, but I think I scare some good guys off.

Let's let Yvonne Bar's sad personal story be a lesson to us all. People tend to be too quick to judge others for superficial reasons or take one look at them and think we know what they're all about. But we really don't know until we've walked a mile in their £30,000 cosmetic surgery. 

I suppose we're all guilty to one extent or another. You pass somebody by on the streets, see their H cups and just assume they're happy because their breasts are bigger than your head and what else could anyone want out of life? But that's just a presumption. And it's unfair. There's a lot more to happiness than £20,260 bags of saline in surgically implanted in your chest. Sure, they do wonders for your silhouette. But they don't do anything for your soul. 

So best of luck to Yvonne in her search for happiness. I'm a big believer that there is somebody out there for everyone. And that her Mr. Right will come along, not be intimidated by her outer beauty and be attracted for what really matters. Her beauty within.  

And since this is what you clicked for, I'm not going to let you down. Any of you single men who might be interested in a committed relationship with a kind but lonely German cosmetic surgery enthusiasts, Yvonne Bar's DMs can be found in these links. Here's hoping shoe makes a love connection thanks to us getting the word out.