Someone Call Up Merriam-Webster And Tell Them To Update The Definition Of "Diesel" Right Now

And that right there, boys and girls, is how babies are made. 

Tarps off. Chew in. Cowboy hat on. Handlebar stache activated. Clap bombs that could be categorized as weapons of mass destruction. All while listening to "Animals" by Nickelback at full volume on repeat? This man is a legend in the same sense that the Atlantic ocean is a bottle of water. 

Only a couple more weeks until Father's Day, I hope you got him a gift. Your mom certainly has. 

By the way--if I'm an NHL team, I'm looking to hire this stallion as my team's strength and conditioning coach. Or at least keeping him on retainer for when another pandemic comes in and fucks up the season. It's a little different when the boys can still go to the gym and use all the equipment and everything. But if they're left on their own at home? This beast will have them in absolute savage mode by the time we get back to puck drop. 

On repeat for the rest of the day: