Chris Cuomo Walks Naked into His Wife's IG Live Yoga Video

Source - If you think you’ve seen enough of Chris Cuomo after his much-publicized contraction of coronavirus and nightly TV reminders of “you know who my brother is,” think again.

The CNN anchor was apparently caught in the nude in the garden of his Hamptons mansion during a social media yoga session filmed by his wife, Cristina Greeven Cuomo.

The younger brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is seemingly seen in a screengrab strutting his stuff in the buff outside his home in Southampton, where he had been broadcasting from his basement while under quarantine.

The 49-year-old super-fit newsman was allegedly seen au naturel outside, captured from behind through the large windows of their home, during an Instagram Live yoga video shot by Cristina. The video was deleted quickly after it was filmed around May 27, but not before some eagle-eyed followers grabbed a stark-naked screenshot.

The one thing the public expects out of a trusted Journo like a Chris Cuomo is the truth. So we better not be getting some insincere apology about the "mistake" he made "accidentally" walking into his wife's video and going Sun's Out/Bun's Out because we all know that'd be a flat out lie. And we'd never be able to trust him again. 

You don't share a bod like this with just one person. 

This is a 49-year-old with a physique that is 40% muscle tissue, 25% pure testosterone, 20% protein powder and 15% uncatalogued mineral that fell to earth on a space rock and doesn't yet appear on the Periodic Table. A body like his can't be hidden in a pocket tee or captured in a fishing photo taken at Shirtless O'Clock. His buttocks are 3-D printed and laser-centered to a level of spherical exactness that to the point that any imperfections are too small to be detected by the Hadron Collider. When you've got an ass like that, stepping in front of a webcam becomes an involuntary motor response. Cuomo couldn't have stayed behind that camera any more than he could breathe underwater or stop adding muscle mass to his chiseled torso and sculpted guns. 

It's one of the oldest rules in TV news. If you want to bag classy ladies, you give them two tickets to the Gun Show. 

And so on behalf of a grateful nation and all the women in Mrs. Cuomo's yoga class, thanks Chris. We're looking forward to the next time you "accidentally" hang brain on the internet.