A Premier League Team Is Letting Fans Fill The Stands With Cardboard Cutouts Of Themselves For $25

I gotta ask a question here. What's the most you'd pay for a cardboard cutout of yourself? Feel like $25 is right in the sweet spot. Enough to you 'well that's cool' but still cheap that you just send it without question. I'm thinking if you hear $50 for a cardboard cutout of yourself to sit at a stadium you can't is the breaking point. $100 for sure. I just don't know if I want to sit here and pay $50 while also having to actually send in the picture. You're asking me to do a chore for you at this point and I pay you to do it. Not exactly what I want in that situation. 

What they need to do is charge and run this Zoom meeting: 

That just legit looks awesome. Not only that but you actually get to boo or cheer. I'd 100% pay to be on Zoom before cardboard cutouts and I'm pro-cardboard cutouts. I said from the get go of this that you need to do whatever possible to create a homefield advantage. But at the same time I'm selfish. I want to boo at a ref. I want to go nuts from my recliner. That's really a win-win. You can scream at a ref or player with no consequence. Although if this was college hoops TV Teddy would somehow find a way to stop it. 

Still think they need to let the cutouts sing like this old commercial: